I treat my commissions and clients as works of art. My mission is to create more vitality, inspiring stories, clean interface, and beauty in the world through good design and photography.

My design career began in 1996 at Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Ecological Design followed by a Masters of Ecological Design at SFIA. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to design for people in the San Francisco Bay Area and far around the world, from being a Visual Designer for Yahoo! Mail to bringing the first multimedia technology to help spread indigenous innovation in Mazvihwa, Zimbabwe. From the halls of a London creativity company to serving local musicians, actors, theater companies, filmmakers, architects, dance companies, coaches, therapists, and app companies, I’ve had the pleasure to engage a wide range of needs. My studio is in Oakland, California.

As an artist, I’ve coached, directed, produced, and performed in improvisational performance art and theater since the turn of the century. I co-create, produce and act in my own show called the Knights of Revery and founded and teach Shamanik Improv Klasses. These, and additional works, can be seen inside the Kabinet of Kuriosities.

Much gratitude goes out to my friends, family, teachers, clients, and the grace of good luck. I’m excited to explore together on our creative journey. Don’t forget, this is always going on.

Robert Edward Earl Hickling